November 2019

N. Hall 1-0 J. Sams
S. J. Hall 1-0 B. Donner
B. Edgar 0-1 G. Hewitt
R. Wides 0-1 L. Bellwood
F. Stobbart 1-0 P. Shaw

Thursday 21st November 2019

John Findlay 1-0 Peter Smith
Philip Brooks 0-1 Bryan Robinson
Dave Bedworth 1-0 Rob Berry
Andy Proudfoot 0-1 Bryan Bainbridge
Geoff Raw 1-0 Chris Clynes

Wednesday 20th November 2019

L. Blood 0-1 A. Robinson
J. Stuart 1-0 K. Cox
J. Reddington 0-1 P. Wells
I. Hunter 0-1 W. Noble
T. Dobson 0-1 A. Bayram

Tuesday 19th November 2019

Jasmine Burgess 0-1 Konst Delidimoudis
Guy Vernon ½-½ Brian Towers
Noam Butler 0-1 Dave Patterson
Join Kim 0-1 Eddie Czestochowski
Dan Disney 0-1 Jim Riddle

Monday 18th November 2019

Please note that Keith’s funeral will take place at 10.30, not 10.00 as previously announced.

David Smith has written the following tribute to Keith:

Keith Smith has been a member of Hartlepool Chess Club for many years. He was our current Treasurer and was a regular A team player both in the Cleveland and Durham leagues. He was also the Treasurer for DCCA for a number of years and attended the committee meetings regularly, mostly travelling by bus to and from the venues.

Several years ago Keith was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder which he fought bravely. He was given the all clear but developed some side effects which led to him being hospitalised recently. Despite a number of blood transfusions the doctors were unable to save him, leading to his passing away on 1st November.

Keith was a private person and spoke little of his family to anyone. He will be greatly missed, being an asset to our club.

Keith will be cremated at Stranton Cemetery, Tanfield Road, Hartlepool, TS25 5DD on Wednesday 20th November at 10.30 am. All are invited to the Travellers Rest pub, which is close to the cemetery, afterwards.

RIP Keith.

South Shields 2 (2 – 2) Darlington
Lewis Self  1 v 0 Robert Donner
Eddie Czestochowski 0 v 1 Carl Stephens
Alan BLackburn 0 v 1 Liam Bellwood
Bede Porter 1 v 0 Aaron Muers

Bishop Auckland (2.5 – 3) Durham City
Peter J Smith 0 v 1 Douglas Smith
Robert Berry 1 v 0 Steve Jeffries
Bryan J Bainbridge 0 v 1 Jacob Walker
Chris Clynes 0 v 1 Edwin Smith

South Shields 1 (3.5 – 1) Hartlepool
Christopher Sayers 1 v 0 Graham Matthews
Tim LW-D Wilton-Davies 1 v 0 Mark priest
Brendan Glasper 0 v 1 Dave lowcock
Michael Allen 1 v 0 Eddie glass

South Shields 2 (1.5 – 3) South Shields 1
Lewis Self  0 v 1 Christopher Sayers
Eddie Czestochowski 1 v 0 Tim LW-D Wilton-Davies
Alan BLackburn 0 v 1 Brendan Glasper
Bede Porter 0.5 v 0.5 Michael Allen

Darlington (2 – 2) Bishop Auckland
Robert Donner 1 v 0 Peter J Smith
Garry J Hewitt 1 v 0 Robert Berry
Liam Bellwood 0 v 1 Bryan J Bainbridge
Paul Davison 0 v 1 Chris Clynes

Durham City (4 – 1.5) Hartlepool
Douglas Smith 1 v 0 Graham Matthews
Steve Jeffries 1 v 0 Mark priest
Jacob Walker 1 v 0 Dave lowcock
Edwin Smith 1 v 0 Eddie glass

Thomas Hill 0-1 Thomas Eggleston
Ned Carmichael ½-½ Douglas Smith
Ashwin Bhat 1-0 Charles Hazlerigg
Ben Snodgrass 0-1 Philip Brooks
Georgy Ivakhnenko 1-0 Dave Bedworth

Monday 11th November 2019

Support the DCCA Congress!

From Mick Riding:

I am organising the Durham Chess Congress for May 1-3, 2020, at the Mercure Hotel in Darlington. More will follow on this. For now I’d be delighted if you could (please) support our bid for some funding from the Venator initiative. Link below. You can vote three times (for us, so that’s please please please!) but obviously support any initiative you think worthwhile.

Click here to vote!

If we win a prize the money will go towards increased prizes and/or securing the basis for the 2021 Congress.

Voting closes 29 November. Please share with club members and encourage support to help ensure we have two nailed on weekend congresses on our door step from 2020 and beyond.