Here are the results of the first two rounds:

Division 1

Gosforth Empire 1 Durham City A 3;  Jesmond 3 Durham University 1;  Forest Hall A 3½ Tynemouth & Morpeth A ½.

Durham City A 2½ Durham University 1½;  Tynemouth & Morpeth A 2 Jesmond 2;  Gosforth Empire 2½ Forest Hall A 1½.

Division 2

Durham City B 2 Thornaby 2;  Forest Hall C 2 Forest Hall B 2;  Tynemouth & Morpeth B 2½ Newcastle University 1½.

Thornaby 1 Newcastle University 3;  Forest Hall B 1 Tynemouth & Morpeth B 3;  Durham City B 4 Forest Hall C 0.

Division 3 Prelim Group A

Bishop Auckland B 2½ Bishop Auckland A 1½;  Billingham Synthonia 1 Tynedale 3.

Bishop Auckland A 1½ Tynedale 2½;  Bishop Auckland B 2½ Billingham Synthonia 1½.

Division 3 Prelim Group B

Forest Hall D 3 Durham City C 1;  Gosforth Ivy 3½ Tynemouth & Morpeth C ½.

Durham City C 1 Tynemouth & Morpeth C 3;  Forest Hall D 3 Gosforth Ivy 1.

Full details are on the ECF League Management System website:


David Walker is organising an online competition on behalf of the Northumberland Chess Association. There are three sections:

  • Open
  • Under 2000 ECF rating
  • Under 1700 ECF rating

Players must be current or former residents of Northumberland or Durham. They must also be ECF members at Supporter level or above.

The competition has 7 rounds, starting 24 October 2020 and finishing by 2 April 2021. Games will be played on lichess at a rate of 60 minutes per game plus a 15 second increment.

For more details, see this document:


For free entry, email championships@northumberlandchess.com with the following details. Closing date for entries is 23 October 2020.

  • Player name
  • ECF membership number
  • Email address
  • Telephone (optional)
  • Lichess handle
  • Section entered

North Tyneside Council have advised that the congress cannot go ahead against the background of the latest North East lockdown measures. A great disappointment for the organiser Mick Riding after all his hard work.

From Mick Riding:

On September 5 we have the opportunity to take part in a historic rematch between North and South, the first since 1894.
To join just click on https://www.chess.com/club/ecf-north
For the background stuff go to https://www.englishchess.org.uk/online-north-v-south-challenge-2020/
The occasion is about participating. Of course it’s nice if you’re a 200+ ECF player, but us lesser mortals need not worry. The match will look to pair people up as closely as possible to their playing strength – so there’s room for all.
The only prerequisite is ECF membership. Be aware most expire end August. So if you haven’t renewed please do – or at least sign up as a Supporter (£10) which can later be upgraded to membership – and your £10 will counts towards membership.

With over-the-board chess unlikely to resume in the near future, for the coming season it is planned to arrange the DCCA League as an online event, with two divisions and teams of four. Details will be circulated early in September.

The League Secretary Bryan Bainbridge has put in hours of work calculating the results of the individual county championships. He has now circulated the following information to clubs.

Play in the Durham County Chess League has been suspended and it is clear that any outstanding matches in the current season will not now be played. This means that South Shields A have won Division A and South Shields B have won Division B.

The following tables will be used to decide the individual county championships. The winners of the four sections are:

Alan Sayers Trophy – David Walker

Robin Horner Trophy (under-165) – Ashwin Bhat

Terry Holmes Trophy (under-140) – Dave Patterson

William Bentley Trophy (under-120) – Liam Bellwood

Congratulations to all the winners!