C.Smith 1-0 Charlie Hazlerigg
J.Stuart ½-½ Philip Brooks
J.Reddington ½-½ Tony Shires
I.Hunter 0-1 Andy Proudfoot
G.Smith 0-1 Geoff Raw

Tuesday 8th October 2019

Jonathan Sams 1-0 Peter Smith
Richard Harris 1-0 Rob Berry
Bob Donner ½-½ Brian Bainbridge
Garry Hewitt 0-1 Chris Clynes
Liam Bellwood 1-0 John Burnett

Monday 7th October 2019

Bryan Bainbridge, the League Secretary, has published the fixtures for the coming season.

An Executive Meeting of the Durham County Chess Association will be held at Hetton WMC on Tuesday 17th September at 7.15 pm. All clubs are requested to send a representative. Click here for the Agenda and the Minutes of the Previous Meeting.

The Northumbria Masters, held at Novotel Newcastle Airport from 23-27 August, attracted well over 100 entries. The winner of the Masters event, with 7½ points out of 9, was the Dutch Grandmaster Roeland Pruijssers.

Final push for the Northumbria Masters. Tim Wall reports that there are already 84 entries for the three main events, and he would like to raise the number to over 100.

Change of date! The 2020 Durham County Congress has been moved to 1-3 May, to avoid a clash with 4NCL events.

Mick Riding has reported the good news that the NCCU Individual Championships will be contested at the Congress.

A FIDE-rated blitz tournament was held in South Shields on Saturday 6th July. The event, a great success, attracted 47 entries and the overall winner was David Walker. Eddie Czestochowski has produced an illustrated report.

Tim Wall has accounced that there will be a total of 20 free entries available to juniors at the Northumbria Masters tournaments. To apply, write to Tim at timpeterwall@gmail.com.