Durham City

Opportunities for league chess: At present the club has nearly 30 paid-up members and runs four teams in the Durham County League and one in the Northumbria League. There are opportunities for players of all standards.

Opportunities for social chess: Most Wednesdays between October and April there are matches or club championship games, but the club also has use of an additional room for friendly games, analysis and chat. On the occasional free night there is normally a talk or training session arranged. After the club, several members usually adjourn to The Woodman on Claypath for a drink and an entertaining post-mortem.

Douglas Smith runs a thriving junior section on Wednesdays from 5.45-6.45 pm. Ken Neat sends out a weekly newsletter with recent results, forthcoming events, games etc. Paul Robson of Durham City is the driving force behind the North-East’s participation in the 4NCL, with two teams currently competing.


Antioch House

Club Nights: Wednesdays at 7:00pm

Match Nights: Wednesdays at 7:00 pm

Club Members

Membership NumberNameAugust Standard GradeAugust Rapid Grade
12104AD Tony Shires1130
12034Alan J McNemee610
12029Arthur M Bell1330
30730Bhuvan Jumani6878
Charles R Bucknell1290
018724Charlie Hazlerigg1360
12038Dave Renton1510
018723Derek Crabbe950
12047Douglas J Smith1720
33069Edwin Smith1110
12033Geoff Knapton1410
12037Geoff Raw960
George Gazis1650
005679Graeme E Oswald2120
26050Ian M Dobbs1510
James S Cant1400
35486John M Findlay1480
Joseph Barr00
Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya1370
12035Ken P Neat2040
26053Mauro Usai1590
Max Rippon00
12028Mike Ayton1420
08386Paul E Robson169168
25208Philip Brooks1230
R Shires00
20229Robin J Nandi1600
12142Sean Gardiner900
12158Sebastian Palucha800
015068Steve H Jefferies1290
015068Steve H Jeffries1290
12151Szymon Palucha1880
26051Thomas A Eggleston2040
016604Zhenya Tumarkin1070

Club Officials

SecretaryMike Ayton0191 384 9406michael.ayton.voro@gmail.com
CharimanKen Neat0191 386 4795kp.neat@gmail.com
Junior ClubDouglas Smith0191 386 3027douglas@djssmith.com
Abbots CaptainCharlie Hazlerigg07538 961 034charliehazlerigg@yahoo.co.uk
Bishops CaptainRobin Nandi07514 819 862robin.nandi@gmail.com
Canons CaptainGeoff Raw0191 371 0428geoffraw@btinternet.com

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