N. Hall ½-½ A. Robinson S. J. Hall 1-0 K. Cox B. Edgar ½-½ P. Wells D. Peardon 1-0 A. Bayram W. Scales ½-½ W. Noble Thursday 24th October 2019

John Findlay 0-1 J.Sams Steve Jefferies 0-1 R.Harris Tony Shires 1-0 B.Donner Dave Bedworth ½-½ G.Hewitt Geoff Raw ½-½ W.Metcalfe Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Roger Anderson ½-½ Eddie Czestochowski Peter Smith 0-1 Lewis Self Brian Robinson 1-0 Colin Campbell Ken Smith 0-1 Stan Johnson Chris Clynes ½-½ Jay Steel Monday 21st October 2019

Ken Neat 1-0 Thomas Eggleston Geoff Knapton 0-1 Jonny Pein Steve Jefferies 0-1 John Findlay Sean Gardiner 0-1 Charlie Hazlerigg Jacob Walker 1-0 Philip Brooks Thursday 17th October 2019

K Cox 0-1 K Delidimoudis P Wells ½-½ K Rowden A Bayram 0-1 D Patterson W Noble 1-0 A Gunasekera A Johnson ½-½ J Steel Thursday 10th October 2019

C.Smith 1-0 Charlie Hazlerigg J.Stuart ½-½ Philip Brooks J.Reddington ½-½ Tony Shires I.Hunter 0-1 Andy Proudfoot G.Smith 0-1 Geoff Raw Tuesday 8th October 2019

Jonathan Sams 1-0 Peter Smith Richard Harris 1-0 Rob Berry Bob Donner ½-½ Brian Bainbridge Garry Hewitt 0-1 Chris Clynes Liam Bellwood 1-0 John Burnett Monday 7th October 2019

Bryan Bainbridge, the League Secretary, has published the fixtures for the coming season.

An Executive Meeting of the Durham County Chess Association will be held at Hetton WMC on Tuesday 17th September at 7.15 pm. All clubs are requested to send a representative. […]