A reminder for all visiting teams to Darlington Chess Club: you have to register your vehicles at the bar prior to playing. It is a simple process, and failure to do so may result in a £100 fine. The operation is run by a private company, and neither Darlington Chess Club nor Cockerton Bank Club have any control over fines being issued.


Cockerton Band & Musical Institute, CIU
Co. Durham.

Telephone: 01325466729

Club Nights: Mondays at 7:15pm, Junior Club meets 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Match Nights: Quakers play on Mondays at 7:15 pm and Locos play on Wednesdays at 7:15 pm

Club Members

Membership NumberNameAugust Standard GradeAugust Rapid Grade
11207Alan Fell980
28209Alex Cinamon950
26268Alexis S Solanas1260
Arlan Musurov8987
11238Brian J White740
28384Carl Stephens1200
11215Dave Dixon1480
11209David Harris1240
03323Garry J Hewitt1250
36103Gregor Hutchison1250
24374Harry Wilson860
33450James Garner1150
11198Jonathan Sams1550
18698Kevin J Wilson1600
017584Liam Bellwood1160
009456Luke Owen920
18583Peter McKay1300
012308Peter Michael Evans1470
20763Phillip Shaw1080
18425Richard J Harris1400
20758Richard Kuby920
11186Robert Donner1380
11208Rod Gilpin1070
35827Shrish Nair2764
19281Stephen Ormerod1570
11185Stephen W Dauber1780
02267Susan A Fraser1160
11196William G Metcalfe870

Club Officials

SecretaryGarry Hewitt0132 528 6621garry-hewitt@sky.com
ChairmanRod Gilpin0132 552 6152rod.gilpin@ntlworld.com
A TeamJonathan Sams0132 546 4966
B TeamGarry Hewitt 0132 528 6621 garry-hewitt@sky.com