March 2020

Mick Riding, the Congress Directory, has just sent out the following post to players who had already sent in their entries: Hi, I have met with the Mercure Hotel today […]

Bryan Bainbridge, the DCCA President and League Secretary, has sent this message to all clubs: In view of the uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus situation, it has been decided to suspend […]

Bryan Bainbridge has been sounding out clubs for their views, and for the moment it has been decided to go ahead with the Ron Evers tournament on Tuesday 17 March […]

N. Hall ½-½ C. Smith S. J. Hall 1-0 J. Reddington D. Peardon 1-0 I. Hunter J. Robson 1-0 G. Smith F. Stobbart 0-1 T. Dobson Thursday 12th March 2020

S.Jefferies 0-1 K.Delidmouds Phillip Brooks 0-1 P.Bielby A.Proudfoot 0-1 D.Patterson S.Gardiner 0-1 E.Czestochowski G.Raw 0-1 J.Riddle Wednesday 11th March 2020

Good news! Michael Siddle of Bishop Auckland Chess Club has volunteered for the post of Durham County Chess Association Secretary. Michael’s contact details can be found under the list of […]

The 3, 4 and 5 rounds of the Ron Evers Tournament is on Tuesday 17th March 2020 at Hetton Lyons, starting time 7:00.

Ken Neat 0-1 David Walker Paul Robson 0-1 Tim Wall Robin Nandi 0-1 David Mooney Steve Jefferies 0-1 Brian Towers Jacob Walker 1-0 Christopher Sayers Wednesday 19th February 2020