DCCA Congress

An update from Mick Riding:

Dear All,

This is just to advise you that after conversation with the Mercure today we have agreed that the 2021 Durham Congress cannot go ahead this year. May is too soon for confidence to have been restored in public gatherings of this kind. And what lies ahead is too unpredictable to try and reschedule later in the year. One of my initial goals was to stake out our weekend so people knew what and when and I believe our best course is to stick to that.

What I will be doing however is scheduling an event at the Darlington Mercure to celebrate Northumberland (supported by a host of Durham based players) winning the 2020 ECF Online County Championship. I have in mind a 2 round Durham v Northumberland OTB match, with time rates as per the online event (60m, 15s increments), evenly matched teams with players having a White and Black against each other, small buffet and presentation of the winner’s trophy. This will happen when/if the lockdown situation and all things Covid change to the point where we can sensibly go ahead – and the respective NCA and Durham Execs will be party to that decision.

I have a couple of questions outstanding with respect to the Northumberland weekend 23 – 25 September. These are simply around costs, capacity and contingency options. When I have answers I will post you again. For now I am working on the premise it will happen.

Best – Mick

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